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Think of the phrase night

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摘要: REVIEW sink deeper night, and eyes slightly together, states such as sealing, Rain or shine, sitting in the night, for me it is a very common thing.I believe the brightest purest soul in the depths of ...

REVIEW sink deeper night, and eyes slightly together, states such as sealing, Rain or shine, sitting in the night, for me it is a very common thing.I believe the brightest purest soul in the depths of the night waiting for me, it should give me a strength, so that life becomes fearless.  (A) many people are afraid of the dark, but I love the night.Many of the night is dark and lonely, and my night is bright bright.Darkness is the garden I thought, that I was a flower garden.    Sometimes the night like a leafy tree, my eyes and mind is its twigs.The night wind caressed my branches and leaves, took me into a natural extension of germination and survival of the state, sometimes the night like a quiet pool of clear bright stream, I was floating on the waves of the party that small handkerchief, heal All ruffled, the gurgling water, the soft feel and a detailed and.    But more often, the night like a tranquil sea, like a quiet forest.I was in such a lush quiet night to settle my soul.In the human soul, in his heart.So my soul need a net US territory.In my time, there are a lot of pro day too rude, too rough, I could not find that peace and happiness of their own, and in this exquisite serenity of the night, I can find.    When you're sitting in the night, the night you will feel tranquil and soft, you will feel that you are driving beat of a busy day whip rapid has been gently soothing quiet of the night.Then you will find yourself thinking wrinkles of the day slowly unfolded, and the past and you just have to do a dialogue.    The human mind, is the most transparent in the silence.The human mind, in the night, often hanging into a verdant lush purple Teng dill, demonstrating the mind of many delicate context.So, the night is my own idea of saving a delicate pottery.    (B) at night, you can sit in your confusion Random House, the book quietly Ferris Fengtao sea surge, with the tip of picking up a white spray, nourishing wild heart, to the heart of a sweet.You can also go river reeds and plants, with the heart to touch these beautiful plants, sucking the breath of a ray of Return to Innocence.You can also go to listen to that piece of undulating insects or frogs that sing in the night life is.The waterside night stand, shimmering waves, the shadow of the moon Rongrong, will gently remove those heavy bags Le past in your heart for you, make up your mind scored a shiny.At that moment, you will melt into the night dew drop of pure, gently placed a flower or leaf, make you faint shine.    Elegant night is no embankment of the river, quiet memories of your heart is the crystal of water, swept over your mind, let your light to look back once the memory, even if it is a way to make the details you have heart, but also make you very enlightened.Then you have no fetters, his eyes slowly to develop into a ruler to measure more distant soul, has been extended to the distant future.    Then you will want, not all is bleak night, not all of the night are lonely, as long as the spiritual wilderness of warm flowers open, the night is bright bright.Then you wrote at last, gently hanging from the window or balcony of a ray of light coming through that misty soft light, it is to give you Wanjiadenghuo.In an instant, it will melt you, envelops you, close to you, put your eyes are magic into a warm, along with those of light, to the people of the distant window.Then you will want to make the night all the doors will be gradually closed, and all the beautiful but will have to open the window of heart.You see, a window overlooking the beautiful in each other and another window..Yes, ah, this is a vast and peaceful night to open your mind.    In the night, it seems to be human nature most loudly.Then if you put one of your favorite light music, Smart notes that, will do during the day as the cascades of pure Chol polyester filter dust falls on your heart those banks, so that the heart becomes pure again.During the day, you very often in the eyes of others alive, the night you only live entirely for yourself.Live like a quiet flower, leave the hustle and bustle, quietly open.    Then, during the day so you do not like messy, so cramped, and receive one kind of Enron in a practical.Many things like you can not put down once you have completely put down, they are nothing to do with you.    (C) "the human spirit is a garden full of flowers you let it, it will be little longer weed."In the night, you are a beautiful quiet garden.You are like a Juanniao, such as a leaf, such as a small boat to his heart finally found a berth shore.    I do not love too noisy during the day, many were blazing sun during the day was hastily crowd squeezed into pieces, one after another collision, spilled everywhere.People often get lost in hard debris falling in this hectic Fun.And when you kick home, you will Jing Xiaxin, slowly shake you lost during the day, find yourself.So, the night is my beautiful home.    Sometimes the night like a painting, gently cover everything, dim everything, everything precipitation.Then your soul like a prairie peacefully, so calm and thick, had a kind of power heads held high.And then detailed face of the moon, the mind will scents creek.Then you do not need to ingratiate oneself who want to go, who to flatter, to curry favor or who.Then you are you, standing in a posture steep dignity to their souls.    At this time the night is also staring at you, look at you, you also cling.It was lost during the day to give you the heart of a balance of power.It should tell you know, every now and then a man of the dust of Egypt, be sure to return to their homes soul.However, a lot of the night, there are countless Egyptian tired and dust to float in the street, and some eventually forget the way home.    The night was deep, like a handful of soft loess soil, gently covered me from head to toe.I was quiet as a seed, sleep In a mellow in.I open myself to no one concerned about Yang Xu, pristine in their own late night flying.    In the night, I was a butterfly light, quiet way silently leaned against a tree or take, within the province of ways to burn my thoughts, had cut off those vines with extreme calm light , parked in my mind's hometown.    (D) And then I suddenly thought of another class of people.    They are a group culmination of pride and madness of people, their souls no homes, they do not dare to be alone, afraid to face their own hearts, they live in a desolate, in order to find a "mighty" feeling and excessive debauchery they want to use this unrestrained move to prove his soul as well as a faint breath, they want to use this cynical uninhibited gestures to disguise their share of fear squander cheap riding her real life brings.That they found a trace of shallow comfort to him from the madness, and constantly driven to destroy them in order to promote their lives to carry out another bigger madness.Madness and squandered their only things that can be used to show off.In fact, more so, the more they will be away from the pure and serene life, the more neglected or despised.If they want to recover their own human nature that the only remaining point, the only way to save them, so powerful is this quiet night.Night pristine give them a yardstick to measure what they own, and then do one duty.    Night deeper and heavier, while the eyes slightly together, states such as sealing, Rain or shine, sitting in the night, for me it is a very common thing.I believe the brightest purest soul in the depths of the night waiting for me, it should give me a strength, so that life becomes fearless.    There is a spirit to lead me into the night, and then I walked out of the dark heart of love.I respect this night, rich and tough for its good-natured.I love the night, it was my life and thoughts with the transfer of the chain.I am ready to once again deliver himself to the night, it took me more pure and more transparent infiltration.[Editor: Can children]





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