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Yellow girl [literary] qintai

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摘要: Ningxia Chuan two sub Tsim Sha Tsui East on the Yellow River west it Helan Mountain Jinchuan silver Chuanmi Sichuan food ah hey black......   Ah ah rice granary meters water-rich rice granary Mille ...

Ningxia Chuan two sub Tsim Sha Tsui East on the Yellow River west it Helan Mountain Jinchuan silver Chuanmi Sichuan food ah hey black......   Ah ah rice granary meters water-rich rice granary Millet Huangshan Yellow flowers Dandan ah rich only hope that the two sides hope to eat do not rely on heaven and earth as a bed a day when the blood is to be buried in the ground to grow a devoted married couple Zhongwei City girl child Guyuan Han..  Whenever I hear the song northwest folk song "Ningxia Chuan", think of home piece of the Yellow River, and childhood.    Helan Mountain towering stands, Lengqiao rocks "outstanding as stone mouth" making the town hence the name - Shizuishan.    Yellow is here to stay in the dream of love, like a rough and bold northwest Loess Plateau man in thick and nutritious obsessed land was in love with the girl's gentle enough of the Yellow River, no longer separated.    River, clear bright display of her selfless mind, gently caressing the fertile soil.Golden wheat, glowing red Chinese wolfberry, lush sand jujube.It seems to have been indulging in gentle and passionate dreams sand and mud.    And my childhood always liked looking out the window dim moonlight, listening to Mama Weaver legend girl, sweet sleep.    At that time, I was a lonely but playful child.    Spring season, the Yellow River will thaw in time, I would look forward to, the river ice melt.So I can roll up his pants, carefully nostalgia in the Yellow River shallows, stepped barefoot from the little waves.Perhaps the city's children want to go with earthy countryside; perhaps the fascination shore of the Yellow dandelions and cool water.At that time the wooden bridge is irrigated farmland sink under the bridge is a Pentium river, people carefully walked from the bridge.We have affectionately known here as "along the Yellow River."Bold children, adults often pleading with us to feel that Taotao river scene.It is filling my childhood all the joy and frustration, no one can become a cover of singing nursery rhymes repeated in the years, when I was lonely, it will not help but think of her soulful melody.    If you want to know the child's mind clean, then you walk down the shore of the Yellow River.    When the summer is the season, the river is getting warmer.Sunshine your quiver tree water shadow projected onto the shore angustifolia, that shadow on the water and on grass innocent eyes glitter on a dark purple trunks, and issued a vigorous stirring voice, green grass and flying butterflies seem to grow in this music.    I tend to be at low tide, he went to the shore of the Yellow River.There are deep and shallow footprints that people leave at high tide, but at low tide, the water clean and had a chance to subside, it will toward their intended direction rushes away, so that depression depression in the fall of footprints in it It will be dying with a bark hastily water mark.    By chance, I will be pleased to find water in this little world, but there are still nascent, such as thin lines like small fry, carefree swimming in the potholes in those large and small footprints, I do not know when the sun rose higher and higher, they will be increasingly smaller world.    Perhaps my childhood and see the little fish, like a group of homeless children wandering away from home.So we always want to give them a clear and pure water in the world it?    Yellow girl seems to know my mind, laughing and picking up a yellow blossoming bud of hope, buds and Dangqi a circle of gentle ripples on the water.    I silently pray for sun in my heart, ah, you go slowly; the river, ah, you wait for me.In the dream garrulous water steadily flowing language.My heart is only a thought, do not want the little fish dry out and die in this world no one knows, from time to time emerge out front, they are fun swimming scene.    So I play a kid "Scud" expertise, back to home, a small hospital, rummaging through looking for, it was a small bottle home after seventy hard to find.When I gasped marshy shore of potholes, to see some small fish have been I do not know what people mercilessly stepped smashes, tears have been flowing from my simple childlike eyes down.    Yellow girl also seems to represent the discontent, the wind from the splashing waves, the sound, you can hear all the way.However, this is not a sign of weakness, not a grievance, even if there is a barrier of rock, she just arouse greater waves, or toward the established direction day after day and rushes forward.    Maybe your kindness, could not bear to let me cry in despair, let me wipe the tears too stubborn to find survivors of the little fish.Highly prized in the yard to wash clean vial.Sun red little face painted mud kiss, but it rippling lingering pride and sweet, with me in the devout gaze, slowly go the way home.    Girl in the Yellow River flowing firm, let me obsessed, but also I want to leave you bring me peace and tranquility.    Spring here has not gone away, soft and thick green grass, willow and tender green shoots out of it, unknown wild flowers blooming smile, blossoming dandelion with the wind, accepted my touch, seems willing to be my spiritual home sisters.Into a piece of sand jujube guarding them, urging gaze, so playful children back to her mother's side before sunset.    I have little experience hugging the little bottle, shake the water inside the only let out of the bottle outside.    In the school office working mother's, Xing hurried to the mother just after class, I show the fruits of labor.When my mother saw me like a little Nihou Similarly, the Office of the muddy covered with small footprints, happily clean floor; tell me incoherent, she panicked know, I was alone, went to when the Yellow River along the border, where just recently drowned while a primary school.Mom surprised eyes a moment to become angry.And I also find fault with something more to say, suddenly found change in her mother's eyes, Xianshibumiao, ranging from mom's hand fell on my head, immediately Saya Zi bugger.    Back then, I was deeply fascinated by the girl on the Yellow River, rather beaten again and again, no regrets ah!    Today, I often ask, how a child's piece of the Yellow River and home to plants and trees?Therefore I think the Yellow River this beautiful girl, it is not just the epitome of Ningxia?Ningxia Yellow River before hitting the front cover of the original, since ancient times to enjoy the "Frontier South" reputation."Frontier" refers specifically to the vast desert, ranked in the Tengger desert Mountains; "Jiangnan" refers specifically to Qiantao Ningxia Plain fruit trees in rows, fish and rice fragrance.This beautiful area, since ancient times also cited the Yellow River irrigation, when the Western Han Dynasty, then "Woyeqianli, Valley marry Yin product.Lush, soil should produce livestock, xianwei cattle, sheep Sadao ".    In this moment, I suddenly realized: I did not forget his childhood in the Yellow girl, originally from very young, in love unknowingly Ningxia this fertile land ah!Her beautiful figure, tolerant mind, all show the unique beauty of her selfless love and life.    If, just as the Russian writer Pristina text "forest creek" in writing, sooner or later creek water flowing into the ocean of freedom, and that "sooner or later" on what time it is life.    So the golden nine of the Yellow River, it is not just to my childhood memories, but also left a thousand miles just to the home fertile fields.From the "bronze key" to "Frontier Lake City"; from the "river of sand hold" Shapotou to "clear water and sand plains point" in Sand Lake, creating a magical Frontier South Ningxia style of thousands of smiles.In these circumstances I think it was as good, however, and life is not that so, turning back the dedication and love, even met another big obstacle, which will arouse the waves, and will not stop galloping.Since it is so you do not hurry questioning the unknown world, you do not have to repeatedly questioning the meaning of life.    I seem to have returned to the shore of the Yellow River, close to the roots sand jujube tree and sat down, I looked up and looked at the warm sun.So, I cherished the time to Shan, however, my home in my mind is clear and transparent, and I dependency between Tianshui.    ;





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